Exam 7 Best Tips:- How to prepare for An Exam

How to prepare for an Exam- The candidate who thinks that I will read this book or will read this material, will read this much, will read at this time etc.…. . Then he gets confused by thinking more, now in the state of confusion he will consult many people, collect a lot of material in the process of counseling, and finally drown in the ocean of material, till then the examination will also be conducted and the result is the same.

Three leaves of the Dhaka. It would have been better if a successful or experienced person had shown the course, brought in concise and authentic material. Because material proofs are essential. Kautilya had said that if I want to cut a tree, I will prepare tools for most of the time, then I will cut the tree in less time, then the authentic materials are mounted tools, then read that material 3-4 times well and for the fourth time to read.

Simultaneously, he would have also prepared short and concise notes, so that if the repetition of the exam could be done well, then surely he would have been successful.

Seven Chakravyuhas to achieve the goal:

  • Failure never breaks us, we break with irregularity. So bring regularity in your studies. Read only for six hours but read regularly.
  • We are never out of the competition by getting a difficult question wrong, we are out when we get the easy question wrong. So don’t ignore the common things in the affair of the very special. Make sure to double check the general information as well.
  • Your senses become more sensitive as your dedicated goals get closer. In normal times, even a person who avoids big things by laughing gets distracted by small things during the transition time of examination. So when you are near the goal, talk less, go out only when necessary, participate in at least social activities.
  • Do find a way to remove mental fatigue / stress, because it makes you sick very soon. Therefore, during the examination transition, do adequate sleep, complete and nutritious diet, exercise / yoga. Otherwise, your years of hard work may be wasted.
  • Look at the questions asked in the previous years also. It gives an idea about your preparation level, nature of questions asked, changing trends. At the same time, confidence increases.
  • There is only one psychology of every victory, that is the spirit of your victory. As soon as you are discouraged/disappointed you lose your battle. There is only one solution for this, continuous thinking of achieving your goal and meaningful efforts in that direction.
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How to prepare for An Exam

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How to prepare for an exam- Top Tips

  • To increase the memory, its use is very important, by not using it, memory week starts. Make regular practice of remembering something. Repeat whatever you have memorized after 24 hours. After 24 hours, the process of forgetting starts. After 7 days, we start forgetting it again, so after 7 days, repeat the chapter remembered again. Repeat it again after 1 month, so that your memorized chapter will be remembered for a long time.
  • Read by sitting on a comfortable desk chair with your back straight. Do not read lying down.
  • Do not read when you are tired or upset due to some reason.
  • Today’s target has to be accomplished today itself, don’t postpone it for tomorrow. Doing this for a few days will increase your confidence in the Exam.
  • Make a regular routine from the beginning of the session. If there is no tension for a few days before the exam, then you will get success in the exam.
  • Do not make the target too high in the beginning. As success continues in the goal, morale, self-confidence will continue to increase and higher goals will also be achieved.
  • Use the reading space only for studies, not for other work.
  • Do not study the same subject continuously for more than 2 hours. Different parts of the mind are active while studying the subjects.(Best luck for exam)
  • While remembering any topic, make a heading so that while repeating the heading repeats.
  • Read important notes before sleeping so that all of them sit in the mind for Exam.
  • Make a habit of doing one thing at a time so that you can do it wholeheartedly.
  • Not only studies, do every work with full heart, if your habit will read like this, then you will be able to study with full heart in studies too.
  • One who does not make mistakes cannot achieve anything. Failures and mistakes are the first condition of success.
  • Don’t wait for tomorrow, this is the best time to act.
  • The time before sleeping is to revise, wake up in the morning and remember something new.

Keep In Mind

So friends, in the end, all I would say is, dream as big as you can. Think as best you can. Adopt as many good habits as you can, of course. Work hard as hard as you can. Then one day you will get as much success as you have imagined. Overcome the fear of failure. To achieve your goal, keep working hard day and night, if you get the destination, it will be a big deal, but if today the question is arising in the mind that if God does not get the destination, then what will happen?

So leave the tension of this thing, do you know that the destination you are trying to achieve today, you can get many times bigger destination than that. So keep going. The destination will be found by itself. Be stupid Be carefree.
Just don’t ever give up! Keep it up!!


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