Albert Einstein Biography, Education, & Died at 76 years

Albert Einstein Biography

Albert Einstein Biography- Albert Einstein was born on 14 March 1879 in Germany. Albert Einstein comes from Judaism, his family is a Jew. His father was an engineer and salesman. Since childhood, Albert Einstein was good at studies and used to be the top of the class all the time. His language is German, after that he also acquired knowledge of Italian and English language.

In 1880 his family moved to Munich, where his father and uncle had set up a company. This company manufactures electrical appliances. At one time, he had also arranged for electricity in the Munich city fair. His mother had taught him to play the violin. He had his early education in Catholic Primary School.

Einstein initially began building models and electrical mechanical devices. In the year 1889, Albert Einstein was introduced by Max Talmud to 10-year-old Einstein with important texts in science. The Talmud was a friend of Albert and a student of Judaism. The Talmud wholeheartedly inspired Einstein through a number of secular academic interests.

Some Amazing facts about Albert Einstein

1. When Einstein was born, his head was very big and he did not even start speaking till the age of 4. But one day when 4-year-old Einstein was sitting at dinner with his parents, he broke his silence of four years and said – ‘Shoop is very hot’. Einstein’s parents were shocked when their son spoke out like this four years later.

2. Einstein did not like to wear socks while sailing and playing violin.

3. When Einstein was working at Princeton University, one day while returning home from university, he forgot his home address. Although most people in Princeton knew Einstein, the driver of the taxi in which he was sitting did not recognize him. Einstein said to the driver, “Do you know Einstein’s address?”

The driver replied, “Who in Princeton would not know his address? If you want to meet him, I can take you to his house.” Then Einstein told the driver that he himself was Einstein and had forgotten his home address. Knowing this, the driver took him to his house and despite repeated requests from Einstein, he did not even charge the texy.

4. Einstein once said – “In my childhood my toe used to pierce my socks, so I stopped wearing socks”.

5. Caltech (California Institute of Technology) invited Albert Einstein to an event. Einstein went to participate in the program with his wife. He also visited the Space Observatory on Mount Wilson. The world’s largest space telescope built up to that time was established in that observatory. After seeing such a large telescope, Mrs. Einstein asked the in-charge of the observatory – “What do you see with such a large telescope?”

The in-charge felt that Mrs. Einstein’s astronomical knowledge was little. He replied with great gusto – “By this we find out the mysteries of the universe.” “It’s very strange. My husband does all this on the envelopes of the letters he got” – said Mrs. Einstein.

6. Due to Nazi activities, Einstein had to leave Germany and take refuge in America. He was invited by big universities to give him the post of Professor, but Einstein chose Princeton University because of its calm intellectual atmosphere. On reaching Princeton for the first time, the administrative officer there said to Einstein – “Give you a list of the necessary equipment for use so that they can be made available soon for your work.”

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Albert Einstein

Einstein said effortlessly – “You give me only one Give me the blackboard, some chalk, paper and pencil.” The officer was surprised to hear this. Before he could say anything else, Einstein said – “And get a bigger basket too because I also make a lot of mistakes while doing my work and the small basket gets full of garbage very quickly.”

7. When people asked Einstein about his laboratory, he smiled only by pointing at his head. When a scientist asked him about his favorite device, Einstein showed him his fountain pen. His mind was his laboratory and the fountain pen his instrument.

8. Einstein’s memory was not very good. He used to have problem in remembering dates and phone numbers. Even he could not remember his own number.

9. Einstein loved smoking cigars. So much so that once he fell into the river while boating and was completely drenched when he came out, but even during this time he kept his pipe with great safety. He was a member of the Montreal Smokers’ Club. He once said, smoking a cigar helps a lot in reaching the right conclusions and staying calm in worldly or practical matters.

10. Einstein’s birthday is celebrated on 14 March as ‘Genius Day’ all over the world.

11. Einstein used to sleep for 10 hours at night to do good work.

12. He was a very inept musician. Einstein’s love of music is mentioned at one place in the biography of Charlie Chaplin. He used to play the violin in his kitchen, listen to Mozart’s music in his spare time, that is, he was very fond of music and always had a violin with him from childhood to old age. But his knowledge of music was so little that he used to play dissonant music with confidence even while sitting in the midst of the crowd and would look to the people to applaud. The rest would laugh, but his wife would always encourage him.

13. A colleague of Einstein asked him for his telephone number. Einstein began looking for his number in the telephone directory kept nearby. The colleague said in amazement – “You don’t even remember your own telephone number?” “No” – Einstein said – “Why should I remember something that I find by searching in a book”. Einstein used to say that he does not remember anything that can be found in two minutes .

14. The memory of the great scientist was very poor. He often forgot many things in the practical world. For example, children’s birthday or any special day. Once I forgot my girl friend’s birthday too. The next day he wrote a letter apologizing for it. It was written in it – Sweetheart, first of all accept my congratulations for your passed birthday… which was yesterday and once again I forgot it.

15. Once Einstein’s professor of mathematics even called him ‘Lazy dog’ because Einstein was very weak in studies.

16. Interest in science was born in Einstein’s mind when he was five years old and his father brought him a Compass.

17. By the way, all the discoveries of Albert Einstein are famous. But he became most famous when he published a paper on Punj-Urja Tully (E=mc2). This means that if the unit beam is multiplied with the square of the speed of light, then the same amount of energy is obtained from it. Inspired by this, new scientists started research on Pramanu bomb. But Einstein was against this wrong use throughout his life.

18. Once Albert Einstein was expelled from school due to his strange behavior and at the age of 17, he failed in all the examinations of college entrance in all subjects except Math’s and science.

19. The top picture was taken when Einstein was returning from a party in 1941 and was asked by a photographer to photograph him smilingly. Einstein, who was already tired, took out his tongue and gave his photo. The photographer captured this memorable moment.

20. In 1952, America offered Albert Einstein to become the President of Israel, but Einstein rejected this offer saying that he did not become for politics. The reason for this is that Albert Einstein was a Jew and Israel was a Jewish country.

21. One day Albert Einstein was going to give a speech, on the way his driver said that I have heard your speech so many times that I can give your speech in front of the people. Saying that ‘It is okay to give a speech today’ Albert Einstein took his place wearing the driver’s dress and gave his place to the driver. In the speech hall, the driver literally gave a smoky speech, just like Einstein’s.

After giving the speech, when people started asking questions and the driver gave the correct answers with full confidence. But someone asked such a difficult question that the driver did not know the answer. To this the driver said, “Oh, the answer to this question is so simple that my driver will tell.” Saying this, he made Einstein, dressed in a driver’s dress, stand up to answer.

22. Once Albert Einstein was traveling by train to go somewhere from Princeton. When the ticket checker came to him, he started groping his pockets to find his ticket. When he did not find the ticket in his pocket, he checked his suitcase. There too, after finding the ticket missing, he started searching around his seat. Seeing this, the checker said that it does not matter if the tickets are lost, he knows them well and is sure that the ticket must have been bought.

When the checker was going back after checking the tickets of all the people in the bogie. He saw Einstein looking for tickets under his seat. Then the checker again told them not to bother for the ticket, they would not be asked for a ticket. Hearing the checker’s words, Albert Einstein said, “But without a ticket, how will I know where I am going?”

23. There is 1 long list of love stories of Albert Einstein. 20 years after his death, his step-daughter published 1500 letters of his, in which about six of his love affairs were revealed. He used to write the latest status of his love affair to his daughter in letters. Although many experts say that he was in more than 20 love relationships. He also had a girlfriend, the famous actress Marilyn Monroe.

Albert Einstein’s popularity and discussions of his scholarship attracted women to him. Once Germany’s 1 socialite whom he called M, met him and fell in love. He showered gifts on Einstein. They lived together in Germany for some time and then Einstein came to London. She followed him to London. After that Einstein went to America. She reached there too. He also had a similar Russian girlfriend, whom he called a spy. He too went around half the world behind Einstein.

24. At some function a woman requested Albert Einstein to explain the theory of relativity. Einstein said: “Madam, once I was walking in the countryside with my blind friend and I told him that I wanted to drink milk”. “Milk?” – My friend said – “I understand drinking but what is milk?” “Milk is a white liquid” – I replied.

“I know the liquid, but what is white?” “White – like a swan’s feather”. “I can feel wings, but what is this swan?” “A bird with a bent neck”. “Neck I know but what’s this twisty look like?” “Now my patience started to answer. I grabbed his arm and stretched it straight and said – “This is straight!” – Then I turned it and said – “It is bent”. “Oh, is that so!” – The blind friend said – “Now I understand what is milk”.

25. When Albert Einstein was a professor at the University, one day a student came to him. He said – “The same questions have come in this year’s exam which came in last year’s exam”. “Yes” – said Einstein – “but this year the answers have changed”.

26. After the death of Albert Einstein, his brain was removed without the permission of his family. This immoral act was done by Dr.Thomas Harvey to do research on his brain. In 1975, on the orders of his son Hans, 240 samples of his brain were sent to many scientists, after seeing them, they found that their brain counts more cells than the normal human.

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