How to prepare for Interview: 5 Best Ways

What is Interview (Personality Test)

How to prepare for Interview:- The interview for the UPSC Civil Services Examination is held at the UPSC building in Delhi. Your interview is conducted by any one of the various Interview Boards constituted for this purpose. Each Interview Board is headed by a member of the Union Public Service Commission. Each interview board generally consists of a chairman and four other members.

The interview board has the crucial responsibility of checking the suitability of candidates for a career in the civil services. I think the interview board would like to know ‘how much do you know?’ Want to know more than just what your personality is like and how you think? How do you behave and how much do you want to learn i.e. can you be trained or not?

The interview board wants to test your intellectual abilities as well as your socio-practical qualities. Some of such qualities or characteristics include mental alertness, clear and reasoned expression, balanced approach, leadership skills, ethical integrity, critical analysis, keenness and awareness of topics of general interest and everyday events.

Along with this the candidate’s language, choice of words and patience are also tested. In my understanding, a good candidate should have a well developed level of qualities like maturity, reasoning, humility, communication skills, wide and broad base of accumulated knowledge, positivity, presence of mind, broad and balanced practical approach needed.

prepare for Interview after Main Exam.

The first thing is that immediately after giving the main exam, if you have any hope of a positive result, then you should start preparing for the interview. Also note that there is no need to panic. You will get enough time to prepare for the interview after the main exam. Don’t worry about preparing for the interview before giving the main exam.(prepare for Interview)

How to prepare for Interview

1. First of all check your Detailed Application Form (DAF) which you had filled for Main Exam. Whatever information the interview board knows about you, its source is your DAF. So, prepare a preparation plan according to DAF (as far as filling DAF before main exam is concerned, it has been discussed in another chapter of this book – ‘How to excel in main exam’.

2. The DAF contains various information including your name, address, home state, educational and technical qualifications, experience, interests, elective subjects, service and cadre preferences. When you prepare for the interview after the main exam, prepare well on each and every point of your resume i.e. the information mentioned in the DAF.(prepare for Interview)

Take advantage of this free time to make a small diary, and try to think of possible questions and answers about your information mentioned in the DAF. There can be a long range of questions that can be asked from your resume and you can think of dozens of such questions.

There can be a wide range of questions that can be asked from the meaning of your name to the characteristics and problems of the home district and home state, from knowledge related to educational qualifications to relevant issues related to optional subjects.

3. Aspirants are quite apprehensive about the questions that can be asked from their own interests written in DAF. The first thing is to fill in the application form only those hobbies and interests which are really related to your personality or you have been associated with them before.(prepare for Interview)

There can be many such interests, such as playing a sport, reading books, listening to music, watching movies, doing yoga-meditation, writing poems etc. Prepare properly for questions related to one or two interests that you have mentioned in your DAF.

Do read something about it, rather I would say that during the preparation of the interview, live that hobby for one or two hours every day. Only then will you be able to connect with the depth of that hobby and be comfortable in the interview.(prepare for Interview)

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How to prepare for Interview
How to prepare for Interview

4. Another major aspect of interview preparation is current affairs and related issues. Since the interview board wants to know your views and opinions, it needs an issue or topic on which both the parties can discuss. Current affairs become very important from this point of view.

prepare for Interview:- In this context, the events up to a month before the interview and the issues related to it are very important. You may be asked for your opinion on these issues. So my advice for the preparation of this section is to make a diary and prepare very short notes of the important national-international issues of that period.

It is very important to be aware of the surrounding environment while preparing for the UPSC exam interview. For this you can take help of radio, TV, newspaper, magazines and internet. Try to integrate them using all the means.

5. You may also be asked your opinion on some controversial issues. For example, is the policy of prohibition justified or not? Is homosexuality immoral? Has intolerance increased in India in the recent past? etc.. Note down both the pros and cons of such issues and then come up with a conclusion. Whatever the conclusion, in my opinion it is better to be progressive, positive and not seem extreme.(prepare for Interview)

6. Try to give some mock interviews before giving the interview, because it exposes your shortcomings, which you do not even know yourself. It is better that you do not face the first interview of your life in UPSC itself. Although there are some candidates who have scored good marks in the interview who did not give a single mock interview.

7. Another great way to give a mock interview is to form a group of 3-4 friends and interview the fourth partner with two or three friends. In this way, prepare for the interview by doing a lot of group discussion and mock interview without keeping it in a closed room.(prepare for Interview)

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8. Also keep in mind that if the mock interviewer has pointed out any major flaws in you, then don’t loose your confidence by taking it too much to heart and try to improve it. You may be lacking in the eyes of the mock interviewer, but the UPSC interview board should not give importance to that deficiency.(prepare for Interview)

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